Registration Fee

  • Each student-athlete will be required to pay an annual one-time athletic registration fee ($360 high school/$560 family cap). This is a one-time registration fee that will be assessed for the first and only the first team of participation per school year. Students will then be registered to participate for the remainder of the school year at no additional cost. Students/families that self-disclose that they are receiving any form of financial assistance including but not limited to Free and Reduced school lunch program, Medicaid, Michigan temporary food assistance program (Bridge card) etc. will have the registration fee waived. Students/families that self-disclose that they are experiencing financial hardships have the option of working collaboratively with the Director of Athletics to determine payment options, up to and including a fee waiver. No student will be ineligible to participate in athletic programs solely due to the inability to pay the registration fee. Parents/guardians may make application for the fee waiver or an alternative form of payment by contacting the athletic office directly. Fee waiver information and alternative payment arrangements shall be confidential in nature. Registration fees may be paid in cash, check (payable to Okemos Public Schools) or on the website (see below).
    Please note: Total includes 2.9% + $.30 PayPal handling fees
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