Our Mission

The Mission

The Okemos Athletic Boosters is a volunteer driven, charitable non-profit organization, whose mission is to insure the success of our student athletes by advocating for, and supporting financially, Okemos Public Schools athletic programs. We seek to ensure a positive experience for our student athletes and their families, by:

  •  Fostering strong community relationships and involvement
  •  Partnering with our district, athletic department, and coaches
  •  Cultivating strong volunteer participation
  •  Promoting the benefits of Youth/High School athletics
  •  Sharing the accomplishments of our teams and student athletes

The Reality

Though our mission is consistent, the mandate has changed.

Budget challenges have drastically changed the way sports are funded in Okemos. In order to offset expenses, families of athletes must pay a ‘Participation Fee’. Revenues from all fees (and ticket sales of athletic events) are remitted to the district’s general fund. While these sources compensate for the cost of athletics, expenses still exceed budgeted needs.

Okemos Public Schools Budgeted Obligations:

  • General administration
  • Administrative staff
  • Coaches
  • Internal facilities costs
  • Transportation costs

EVERYTHING else must be provided by additional fundraising. The following items are NOT funded by participation fees.

Not Funded By Okemos Public Schools:

  • Uniforms
  • All equipment (balls, nets, helmets, etc.)
  • Tournaments (in-season)
  • Varsity letters, and other awards
  • Out-of-formula facilities/travel
  • All Supplies (medical kits, athletic tape, field paint, etc.)
  • Both Boys/Girls Lacrosse & Pom Pon (these teams are ‘unfunded’ Varsity sports. They are self funded, and carry an additional participation fee)

The Call To Action

The current funding challenges are collective problem that touches all involved: athletes, coaches, families, our school board and administration. Through a cooperative effort from all, we have been able to sustain the tradition of excellence in Okemos athletics.

The Okemos Athletic Boosters are an all-volunteer organization. We depend upon our families to contribute their time and energies by volunteering, in order to produce the revenue we are obligated to provide. For our part to succeed, we need to involve all families in the effort. We raise the money needed through a diverse collection of volunteer opportunities, please consider which options best suit your family’s situation:

  • Gameday volunteers (concessions & ticket-takers)
  • Fundraising organization, support and participation
  • Booster membership
  • Financial contributions.

Each year hundreds of student athletes in Okemos take advantage of the opportunities provided by participating in competitive athletics, including learning life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and discipline. In order insure the survival of our programs as we know them, your help is crucial.